Dingo Puppies

Dingo puppies
Dingo puppies

The dingo is considered a subspecies of the domestic dog and a subspecies of the domestic dog’s ancestor, the gray wolf.

Dingoes are found throughout Australia, except in the southwest and southeast where they have been excluded by fences to keep them from livestock.

Dingoes interbreed readily with domestic dogs; it is believed that about one-third of the dogs in Australia are dingo hybrids.

Adult dingo
Adult dingo

Breeding adults usually form settled packs. About 5 pups make up a common litter. Birth comes after a gestation of about 63 days. Young male dingoes may be solitary and nomadic.

The average dingo will be 28 to 43 inches (71-109cm) long and have a tail 8 to 14 inches (20-35cm) long. Dingoes commonly weigh between 20 and 47 pounds.

The dingo’s coat varies from light sand to deep red-ginger. The dingo and its domestic hybrid look very similar; they are distinguished by their canine and carnassial tooth shape.

The dingo’s scientific name is Canis lupus dingo.

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